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Video chat with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy provider to get answers, next steps, and treatment. It all takes place right on your phone without ever stepping foot in a clinic.


What do Brewer PT Telehealth Providers Treat?

We diagnose and treat nearly all muscle and joint issues.

Daily Aches & Pains

Find out why you're in pain and learn what you can do about it.


Diagnose your injury, manage your symptoms, and get better.

Chronic Conditions

Get techniques to manage your pain and treatment to improve it.

How it works.

Video chat or message with your PT anytime.

Start with a face-to-face video chat with your licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. They'll carefully assess your condition, guide you through a series of evaluative movements, and perform a full neuro-musculoskeletal evaluation. After, you'll be able to message or video chat with them any time during the course of your program.

Everything you need, right on your phone.

Having a great physical therapist is only one part of the program. The BrewerPT app also has everything you need to support treatment and recovery.

Easy access to expert care.

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Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Utah...

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